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CCB - Cepi ContainerBoard

(former ECO and Groupement Ondulé)


WCO - World Containerboard Organisation


This website is only for the input of the statistical data of CCB and WCO. Please click on the Member Area tab on this page to enter or upload your statistical data.

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We represent the European and worldwide producers of corrugated case materials, also called containerboards.

In contrast to most other European associations, membership is composed of individual companies. While activities are primarily focused on primary-fibre materials (kraftliner, semi-chemical fluting), recycled-fibre containerboard (e.g. testliner) is also produced by most manufacturers.

The mission of CCB and WCO is to promote the business interests of the worldwide containerboard industry through services and activities that support and supplement those provided by national and regional trade associations.

For further information regarding the associations please refer to the websites: